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With seed packet in hand, decide which seed cup to use. If you are planting any variety of the Brassicas use seed cup #1.


If you are planting pelleted seeds, the most common size is the middle size or seed cup #3. Smaller pelleted seeds such as carrots and onions will probably better fit seed cup #2 while larger ones such as parsnips may require #4.


With unpelleted seeds, seed size may vary considerably even within a single seed pack. The object is to select a seed cup large enough to accommodate the largest seeds. Some seeds are available as "sized" e.g sorted by size.



Changing Seed cups


To change to a different size seed cupturn the knob on the back of the seeder in the direction indicated by the arrow. It will click as it is turned, and four clicks will bring a different seed cup into the active position.

Seed Cup Allignment'


The seed cup is in the active position when the arrow molded into the casing at roughly the seven o'clock position alligns with the seed cup.

SowEZ Demo Video:

Planting seeds with SOWEZ


After you have chosen the seed cup, pour some seeds in the hopper but don't overfill it. Next, position the seeder over the tray cell or soil block. Tilt the seeder forward about 10 degrees until the slanted opening of the hopper is horizontal. This is a more ergonimically comfortable position and provides a more direct path for the falling seed. Also tilt the seeder slightly to the right, perhaps 10 degrees, to prevent the entrained seed from rolling out of the seed cup.  It is good practice to monitor the seed supply in the hopper.





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